Tips for designing a Semi-Open Kitchen

A lot of homeowners prefer semi-closed kitchen layouts.

Semi-closed kitchens allow homeowners to easily accommodate visitors while still maximizing space, regardless of the size of their property.

Are you torn between an open or closed kitchen? But why not enjoy the best of both worlds?

Here are some brilliant ideas and concept for semi-open kitchen! If you like the open-concept look but prefer some solitude, check out Posh House Interior Design – Live in Style.



1. Install bi-fold windows.

To create a semi-open kitchen plan, opt for bi-folding windows above the counter top and doors that span the width of the roomThe kitchen window can be effortlessly closed off when preparing meals or when the air conditioner is on, and opened when the kitchen is immaculately clean. This is a good technique to hide the mess and keep the rest of the house from smelling like greasy frying.

The smooth transition from one place to the next is achieved by maintaining a serene color palette throughout, preventing any abrupt visuals.


2. Install a sliding door

Light will enter the kitchen through a sliding door with glass inserts. In contrast to hinged doors, which allow just a limited view, sliding doors are made up of three or four door panels that open up the entire width of the kitchen and park on one side. When necessary, the panels of the sliding doors can be slid back to close the kitchen.


3. Separating the Wet and Dry Kitchen

To keep noise and cooking odors contained towards the wet section while maintaining the illusion of an open kitchen, divide the wet and dry areas of the kitchen with a barrier in the middle.

This layout works without a physical barrier, but it does help to limit noise and odors from spreading to other parts of your house. If you decide to use a physical partition, think about using glass.


4. A view (window)  into the dining room

When homeowners prepare meals, they can keep an eye on children, friends, or senior family members thanks to the semi-open kitchen’s glass window that looks out onto the dining table.

Also, it makes it easier for guests and hosts to communicate in case anyone needs anything while enjoying dinner.

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