The Difference between an Interior Decorator and Interior Designer

You have recently gotten a new living space and would like renovate it, but who do you call on for the job: an Interior Decorator or an Interior Designer?

“Is there even a difference?” you ask. Yes there is, and being aware of it may just save you a hefty price and unnecessary trouble.

The basic difference between an Interior Decorator and an Interior Designer lies within the aspect of renovation that they focus on.

An Interior Decorator is a room stylist who focuses on enhancing the aesthetics of the room. A decorator gives your living space a makeover by advising you on colour schemes, room layout arrangements, and the types of furniture you should use in order to achieve a certain look or feel in your space.

An Interior Designer, on the other hand, helps you with space planning, the architecture of the house, and various structural aspects such as electrical, plumbing, and compliance issues. A designer focuses primarily more on the skeletal aspects of the house, and aims to enhance the functionality and safety of a room.

There is also a difference in terms of credentials between an Interior Decorator and an Interior Designer. An Interior Designer must be aware of building codes, inspection regulations, and universal accessibility standards to be able to create a safe living space. Thus, they have to receive formal education or training from Design School. Designers usually have to gain work experience before becoming a certified designer as well. An Interior Decorator does not necessarily require formal education. Instead, they need a good eye for detail and a good sense of style when it comes to the aesthetics of a living space. Most of them undergo training programmes to learn about the foundational principles of interior design.

The person you call for the job depends on what you plan to do with your living space. If you are looking to change the look and vibe of the space, you should approach an Interior Decorator. However, if you require structural changes such as removing a wall or rewiring your electric cables, you will need to approach an Interior Designer.

What if you needed both structural redesign and aesthetic help for your living space? Do you need to approach both an Interior Designer and Interior Decorator? The answer is no, not necessarily.

Interior Designers can sometimes take up the role of decorators as well, and help you with both the design and decoration of the space. Therefore most people tend to approach Interior Designers more. However, if you are looking for someone with a more specific eye and a decoration that is specially tailored to your taste and needs, you may want to consider approaching an Interior Decorator to spice up your living space.

Companies like Posh Home Design (PHD) offer both designing and decorating services. PHD offers state-of-the-art interior design services with talented designers who work closely with their clients to create stunning spaces tailored to different lifestyles or brands. They promise comfort design furniture while creating modern interiors which are simultaneously functional and aesthetically striking. With designers doubling up as decorators, you get to save on the cost of your renovation, should you choose to do both interior design and decoration. It is also more convenient to have the same group of people working on both the structural and aesthetic needs of your living space instead of hiring two different teams to work on the same space.

Renovating a living space can prove to be a complicated process. Hence, with a better understanding of the difference between an Interior Decorator and an Interior Designer, it will hopefully provide a clearer view of your living space needs and who to approach for the job.