Setting Your Budget Right

Interior design in Singapore has become one of the most profitable market sectors. The rise in apartment complexes and the seller’s attempt to make their home more attractive has led to some high-quality designs in otherwise small apartments.

You’re probably planning on giving your home a makeover too. Posh Home portfolio looks amazing, but you are unsure how to have the conversation with the team. This is your first design project, and you want to have an equal footing. Well, let’s look at how you can do so.

How To Set The Budget


Set A Limit

Before you hit up anyone from the team, have a clear budget in your mind. Research how much it costs to design a regular 2BHK apartment and ask your friends who have renovated their homes. Even if the project exceeds the budget limit, having a budget would still keep the whole project under control.
Once you have a budget estimate, add 20 percent extra to it. After all the changes you will make, that’s probably the actual price it will amount to.

Not Everything Has To Be Expensive

The designing company will know the exact quality and amount of furniture they should buy for your home once you have a budget. It will also determine the kind of labor they will opt for and exactly what part of your home they will change and keep as it is.
The company will present you with a nice catalog too. So, you will have your choices of both expensive and affordable products in your home.
By hiring interior designers, you will have access to furniture at a lower price than you would have independently. In addition, the professionals always have deals with multiple manufacturers, allowing them to buy products at wholesale prices. As a result, you get a nice cut on the furniture front.

The Value Of Your Home

If you’re confused about how to set the budget, well, the first thing to consider is the amount you’re capable of paying. Whatever you can afford, there is no reason to go beyond that.
However, if money isn’t an issue, it’s a good idea to plan your budget according to the value of your home. For high-level design, you can have a 25 percent expense set in order with the price of your home. You can stick to the 10 percent range for a minimum-expense project.

Final Thoughts

When meeting up with Posh Home, your budget is the only thing you should worry about. If you have any particular design ideas in your mind, we will find a way to make them possible within your budget.