Posh Home – Modern vs Contemporary Home Design

Just managed to secure your BTO or planning to get a new home? Considering designing your home with a stylish approach of modern or contemporary home design but you’re not quite sure on the difference of both home design approaches? Fret not! Posh Home is breaking down the differences between these two go-to interior design styles. As we had noticed that many of our clients are often confused that contemporary design is actually in sync with modern interior design styles. However, they are indeed very different in style.

To get you all wise on the two incredible interior design style, Posh Home is here to share the wisdom on the differences between contemporary and modern interior design styles you should know.


Even though there are some elements used by modern designs which could also be seen in contemporary interior design style, these two styles have their own exclusive signatures. So what is contemporary design? By definition, contemporary would often refer to “living or occurring at present”. Hence, in contemporary home design concepts, it represents the incorporation of current design trends while having an obeisance towards the past. Thus, it further helps to illustrate the idea of ‘living in the moment’.

In short, contemporary interior design style tends to borrow elements from several other design styles. With a contemporary style, you’re sure to see modern features or elements along with traditional Art-Deco inspired notes and futuristic design flourishes. Therefore, contemporary interior design styles would always be ever-constantly evolving due to prior design trends.

Unlike other design interior design styles, contemporary interior design styles tend to devote itself to particular visage, time, and spirit. Hence, the contemporary interior design style today would often focus on the neutral colour palette and prominent linings.


Modern interior design often consists of many different incarnations, making it a bit more complex in defining. In short, modern interior design style refers to the reflection of modern art movements in the interiors of a home.
Hence, modern interior design often ties in with the roots of Scandinavian, as well as German architecture designs which are deeply focused on the use of natural materials and earthy colours while keeping things fuss-free and simple. Modern interior design frequently uses neutral tones compared to contemporary interior design which you may still notice some colour hits.

To help you understand further differences between contemporary interior design and modern interior design, Posh Home is here to offer you some pointers!

1. Modern interior design often incorporates natural elements such as stone, wood and leather (faux or genuine) while contemporary design embraces the natural elements with industrial materials such as concrete and steel.

2. Contemporary interior design style tends to be a little more ‘fluid’ than modern interior design. As mentioned previously, contemporary designs are always evolving as the style continually taps on prior design trends or elements for inspiration. Compared to the modern designs, modern design tends to follow a stricter format of clean lines while advocating simplicity.

3. Contemporary furniture tends to be a little ‘curvier’ as the designs are often more organic looking. In contrary, modern designs would focus on strong and prominent linings in its design concept.

Posh Home hopes the above information helps you to understand the difference between contemporary design and modern design better! Regardless of which interior design style you choose, Posh Home is here to help you out! Assisting you in realising the best interior design style for your perfect home!

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