Interior Design Inspiration: Eye-Catching Ideas

If you want to find ideas for the best interior design, Singapore is the right place to look. From chic modern looks to designs drenched in history, you’ll find everything here. Fill all those who wander into your home with awe and inspiration with these tips. These are used by most interior designers today in order to give any space extra bling. Some of them are minimal changes that have a huge effect, while others are subjective. You can choose to mix and match and find a style that best reflects your personality


Decor Ideas For Your Home


1.  Lighting

Lighting is an important part of interior decoration. Whether your aim is to impress guests with superior decor or to just let your house look beautiful, you can get a lot of things right simply by focusing on the right lighting. You can opt for hanging lights, pendant lights, and even lamps and shades to match with your decor theme, or to make a statement. You can opt for bold lighting, natural lighting or dim lights to vary the ambiance according to the need of the hour.

2.  Plants

Whether you add plants inside your home, at the entrance, or boast a beautiful outdoor garden, greenery is a sure-shot way to elevate your home’s look. They add a fresh and natural look to homes without you having to spend a ton on maintenance. In addition, they ensure fresh air and can complement any design idea you have. You can use them in the bedroom, living room or study. Therefore, if you do want to give your interior decoration a fresh perspective, some plants would go a long way.

3.  Walls

You can bring focus to a central area in your decoration by playing up the walls. Walls do not always have to be dull, drab and boring. You can change the look of a room with accent or feature walls, brick walls, and paintings or wallpapers. The right mix of colors and a bold wall can be the central attraction of any house. Wallpapers that are unique and have rare patterns can make for an unusual and impressive addition to your design ideas. In addition, mixing up textures and patterns can turn your room into a piece of art.