Ideas for vibrant interior color schemes to motivate your upcoming home makeover

When it comes to interior design, homes should be given the same consideration as clothing does in the world of fashion, which is to “dress to impress”.

A Space that reflects your personality and character. 

A reflection of your inner charm, excitement, and distinctiveness.

You don’t need to worry if your designer is skilled. 

Here at Posh Home, we don’t just create well-thought-out designs that yield respectable results; we also create stunning results.

All it takes is a little bravery and a lot of faith in your designer.

Let’s have a look at some vibrant colors and bold interior design concepts that Posh Home Interior Design – Live in Style has created for its clients.

Get ready to get inspired!


1)Green x Scandinavian 

The delicate tones were mellowed with a Modern Scandinavian interior, creating a subtle green color scheme that radiates exquisite sophistication.

The smooth transition from one place to the next is achieved by maintaining a serene color palette throughout, preventing any abrupt visuals.

Light olive green was used for the living room along with wood accents, which never fall out of favour

The soft continuity of varying shades of green throughout the house allows one space to flow smoothly into the next, without any abrupt sights.

2)Orange x Luxury 

To emphasize opulence, this unusual color (Orange) is combined with gold accents and a dark color scheme.

The fire element rules the south sector (fame and recognition luck). To represent this powerful element, you can use orange as a primary color in this sector. Other fire element colors can be used with orange as long as the colors are well-balanced.  These color combinations are suitable for feng shui home décor.

A pop of vibrant colors prevents the space from becoming too monotonous or dreary. And neither orange nor black are monotonous.




3) Blue x Scandinavian

No matter the space, red, white, and blue always work well together. A painted blue kitchen with a hardwood worktop and a bright red oven and pot will warm you up. Using glass for their enclosed kitchen enhances the welcoming appearance of the space.

Pairing this dark blue tone with a set of features inside the home, such as patterned tiles for the kitchen, is a creative method to acquire a glimpse of it. 

It provides a tranquil mood in a neutral setting like this home and neatly divides the space between the living and kitchen areas.


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