How to Incorporate 4 Design Concepts Into a Home

This executive condominium resides within the convenient location of Bukit Batok, a home where diverse styles come together to create a modern luxurious interior for an eclectic family of four.

As our designer Robin sat down with the homeowners, each family member wanted different styles for their respective rooms. With the core accent is modern, we’ve concluded to 4 different design concepts in a single home.



Walking into the home, we are greeted by a neoclassical design. The living room is spacious, bearing a cross-design feature wall. The horizontal fluted panel on the left pairs perfectly with the piano keyboard, as well as making the room look taller. Whereas, the book matched marble laminate on the right creates visually stunning symmetrical patterns to match the theme.


A marvelous display of Chinese antiques, English porcelain, and stones sit in custom built-in cabinets. The glass gold panels highlight the precious collectibles for guests to admire with awe as they sit at the table below a chandelier.


Across the dining table, an island was forged between the pantry and cooking station, making the kitchen grand yet accessible. The same fluted panel and marble backsplash blend cohesively with the design theme.


As we walk down the corridor, we enter the first daughter’s room. A modern pastel dream with a pink accent wall and gold pendant lights hug the bed. Next to the bed, a simple built-in vanity with a full-length mirror is paired with recessed shelving as it compliments a cozy bay window where natural sunlight peeps through the blinds.


We then transition into a Japandi setting for the 2nd daughter’s room. Using modern materials, the window is designed in a way that mimics the traditional Japanese Shoji, which are sliding outer partition windows made of a latticework wooden frame and covered with a tough, translucent white paper.

The bed style chosen for this room is also known as a Futon.布団 A mattress that sits on a functional platform with storage. Accompanied by simple Muji styled furniture to fit the theme.


Last but not least, the masters that is fit for royalty. This modern Victorian bedroom features handcrafted wall molding that is embedded above the bed. The recessed warm lights shine through the false ceiling, giving the room a sophisticated and soft ambiance, as it pairs perfectly with the plain white furniture with thin gold rims.

A room with such opulence would not be complete without a walk-in wardrobe. Given the limited space, the owners wanted one that will not compromise space. To give the illusion of a larger wardrobe, a double-sided closet space was mirrored by a full-length mirror, creating a sense of grandeur. Then, at the end of the wardrobe leads to the bathroom decorated with modern luxury marble of black and white, as the led downlights enhance the room features.