8 Basic Interior Design Tips for your New Space

Getting your own place is great and wanting to design it is even better! However, that often comes with its own challenges. Where to start? What to use? What goes where? Imagine all that headache prior to achieving your dream design for your home.
What if we told you that they didn’t have to be a headache anymore? Yes! You got it right! Posh Home will be sharing with you the top ten basic interior design tips that will make your place pop today!

Let’s begin!

1. Measure your space

We know that giant sofa you saw in the store will look good in the middle of your living space. We also know that the large curtain would pop against your wall. What we might know too, is that they might not fit into your space. Or worse, they fit awkwardly.
That is why you should always measure your space before any other thing. Make sure you have the right dimensions before setting out on making additions.

2. Go Slow

You are starting to enter a relationship with your personal space, and you wouldn’t want things to go too fast. Therefore, start slow and make small touches here and there first. That way, everything doesn’t become overwhelming in the end.

Remember, simple can be the new black!

3. Buy Quality

It is always a great feeling to get something at a very good deal, but that should not make you buy cheap stuff. Looking for a sofa? Out for some curtains? Would you like some sets of furniture to adorn the space? No matter what it is, you would be better off with some quality picks.

4. Mix and Match

It is one thing to achieve a uniform design, but crossing a fine line there will make the entire setup boring. Mix and match the colours and textures around the house till you get a balanced feel in the space.

5. Use the walls

One of the mistakes we see many people make is failing to decorate their walls. This should not be so. In fact, your walls should bear testament to the kind of person you are.

Don’t be scared to go for bold posters or paintings that might reflect your personality. Unless your walls are bare for a purpose, never leave them undecorated.

6. De-clutter

Bring in enough stuff that makes your house pop, but not too much that everything seems cluttered up. In line with that, make sure your living space is clean and tidy at all times. No one might be telling you this, but cleanliness is a really good home decoration tip. Embrace it.

7. Embrace the architecture

Take a minute to look at how you dress your body. You most likely go with pieces of clothing that best accentuates your body – in the unique way it comes. That is the same thing with your space.

Don’t try to convert a space into what it’s not with a lot of overboard designs. Instead, work with what the room already has and transform it into style.

8. Get a Pro

Quite frankly, all of these can shape up to be some serious work in no time. The thought, energy and effort that goes into decorating a space are usually overwhelming.

You can take all that out of the equation by hiring the best interior design agency in town (Hint: Posh Home!) and watching them do all the work. Simply run your ideas by them, get the best quote and watch your space become the home of your dreams!

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