Top 5 predicted Singapore Interior Design Concepts in 2021

We all know that Scandinavian design was the reigning champion of Interior Design concept trends in 2020. But in 2021, we heard that a few design concepts are kicking Scandinavian off the top list this year! Here are the Top 5 predicted interior design concept trends in Singapore this year:


If Japanese Zen and Scandinavian design had a baby, this would be it. To our fellow readers who are unfamiliar with Japandi interior, it is a combination of the rustic minimalist aesthetics of Japanese zen design and the functionality of Scandinavian design that adds an essence of art, nature, and simplicity

Take it as an evolution of plain old Scandinavian design. 

This fusion creates the perfect blend of function and form, focusing on clean lines, bright spaces, and light colors.

These characteristics are very in line with the direction that urban living is taking right now. So, if you want a functional interior that stands out and carries very authentic vibes, this is the trend to consider for an upcoming renovation.


Modern Contemporary

You read that right! Though Modern Contemporary is no stranger to the field, it is a no brainer that the concept makes its comeback in 2021 for its sophisticated dark tones and sleek, functional furniture. 

To achieve the look of a contemporary home, it’s important to stick to some basic rules. The concept is often determined by the cohesive blend of color, space, and shape. You can read more about Modern contemporary here.

With consistency in our clients’ preferences, Modern Contemporary gets to keep its spot under our top-5 of year 2021 design trends in Singapore.

Modern Luxury

There’s more to luxury than wealth – it is now measured in terms of good taste, class, and endurance. Take a look at quality, not quantity. When it comes to creating a modern luxe abode, it is not about throwing in expensive renditions like gold busts and water fountains. 

Instead, opt for simple yet quality materials for the renovation, include understated yet polished decorative elements, and stay away from anything that borders gaudy. 

If it is the lifestyle that you are looking for, keep the design materials to a bare minimum and create spaces for said luxury lifestyle such as a bar counter or a personal pool

For inspiration, check out our all-in-one modern luxury themed home on a budget where having a personal gym, mini theatre, and a walk-in wardrobe in a single home was made possible. 


Less is more when it comes to design concepts as this. Usually, when we see minimalism, we think clean, clear, subtle and bare minimum. 

Well, it is more “less” than that. It is about creating a versatile home that functions in a unique and convenient way. It takes proper space planning and creative effort to build a home that looks like nothing but holds everything. 

Minimalist is a design theme that ages very well. From the carpentry works, layout, and narrowed colour story, it is no wonder that this timeless theme would end up as a fan favourite.



Close to the concept of minimalism, this design promotes simplicity by refined colour choices. The white and black colour palette plays a huge role in a monochrome design.

As one of the famous pioneers of monochrome fashion, Coco Chanel, once said: “Black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” Sometimes, all you need to achieve the perfect interior are these two contrasting hues.

The plain colour palette enhances the surroundings, creating an edgy, classy, and elegant interior. Not only is a monochrome look simple to pull off (colour-wise), it also offers a huge style payoff for minimal effort.

With the advantage of gelling with multiple sub-concepts such as luxury or minimalist, Monochrome is well-known to portray masculine, artistic, or sultry vibes. 


We hope our TOP 5 gave you inspiration for your next renovation! Check out some of our projects on social media, we post new projects and tips every week!