5 Home Styling and Decoration Tips for Beginners

Since the month of April, Circuit Breaker has us all locked within our residential walls and the longer we stay cooped up in our homes, we tend to be more observant of the surroundings of our interior. And some of us will not be able to help but consider new home decorations.

So if you are a new homeowner who is looking to renovate and decorate or perhaps a seasoned homeowner who just wants to do a small adjustment and change it up a little, here are a few great interior tips for styling and rearranging in your home interior.

Can you spot the difference?

How about a few LED lights??

We might have said this a dozen times and we will say it again. Lighting is E-S-S-E-N-T-I-A-L to a home and is particularly crucial in interior design.

It might be a design cliche, but good room lighting truly is everything. Lighting affects the ambiance and mood of a space. No one here likes a dull room, do we?

Of course, we understand that not everyone can afford to have additional lights, and that is A-Okay. If you do not have the budget for those fancy LED lights, fret not! We live in the e-commerce era where you can get various types of affordable lights for less than $10.


A little greenery to liven things up.

Every home needs a little green. Plants not only bring vibrancy to your interior, they contribute to our daily lives too, because of the oxygen they produce. Whether it’s an herb garden for all you green thumbs, or a cactus for those of us with black thumbs, having one pot of plant is better than none. We dare you to find a home tour on Pinterest that has no plants.


Dress to impress

Think of wall art as pieces of clothes or accessories. Like how you wouldn’t go out to the streets in your birthday suit, you shouldn’t leave your wall empty and bare for people to see. Dressing it up a little will probably change the ambiance by a lot.

If you are no art connoisseur like the rest of us, there is no need to purchase original masterpieces from fancy art galleries. All we suggest is to look out for any form of wall art (whether it is a painting or hanging décor) that can blend cohesively with your interior.


Pretty and functional

Storage is key. It is always good to source for things that are both pretty and functional. Instead of pure decorative pieces, try to find one that serves a function. That way, when you decorate, you will not be wasting space because you will be utilising it at the same time. Here are a few examples.

Take trays as an example, everything looks better in a tray, not only does it look curated, it looks more organized.

Mirrors are also a good one. Especially living in small apartments, mirrors can give the illusion of a bigger space. It also helps that you could conveniently give yourself a quick check in the mirror before you head out the door.

Source for nice baskets and boxes that go with your theme. You no longer need to scratch your head on how to style your shelves. Not do these staple storage items great for… well, storage, they can also be a great concealment tool that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing materials.

You get the idea. 😉


“Less is more” is the name of the game.

Well, we are leaving you with one final tip, and that is to RESIST the urge to buy too many things that could clutter an area. Home improvement does not mean having the need to buy better things, maybe removing or even moving your items can switch it up a little.

It is unfortunate that homes in Singapore get smaller and smaller and having enough space becomes a priority, it’s worse when you realise that confined spaces become the ultimate dust collector in your home.

If you cannot choose between a few vases, shortlist your top 3 picks and stick to that maximum.

Now let’s say you are more of an eclectic fan. In your case, ‘more’ is sometimes a good thing, however, this rule still applies to you. You’d want to organize your items in a grouping manner because there is a fine line between cohesive and cluttered.