Top 5 Renovation Mistakes for BTO First-Timers

Early congrats on your first BTO! Now, we can only guess that you are here because you are about to revamp your new home and there are probably a few considerations and risks you would like to avoid. Well, fear not! With the advice from interior design experts, here are our TOP 5 list for 2021 BTO renovation mistakes in Singapore that homeowners should look out for.

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Not Knowing the Difference Between Interior Designers and Contractors

The first thing you should be asking yourself is: Are you planning to engage an interior designer or a contractor? What is the difference?

Engaging one or the other may shift the outcome of your renovation in terms of service, quality, and technicality. Doing your research will ultimately guide you in choosing the ‘right guy’ for the job.

You are probably wondering by now… what is the difference?

A good interior designer sells designs that bring your home vision to life. From pre-planning to the day you move in, these professionals are there to ensure that your renovation journey is smooth sailing. They are debatably in charge of settling the paperwork/permits, liaising with trusted suppliers, and post-servicing.

A contractor, on the other hand, focuses on mass productive projects, which means low pricing and quick fixes. It is essentially a great alternative if you have done your homework on design and space planning, or if you’re looking for a more affordable option.


Getting Fooled by Market Pricing and “Attractive” Packages

We have seen the advertisements where firms bring out the ‘Attractive Packages’ are being promoted. Often times, we see homeowners falling for these gimmicks for the reason of fitting their renovation budgets.

We hate to break it to you, but these ‘packages’ will only offer you a fixed basic selection for your home renovation. It is like buying lunch set meals at a restaurant, any add-on and upgrade will have you reach the pit of your bank account before you could say “Dream Home”.

Packages limit customisation AND homeowners will end up with hidden costs at the end of their renovation journey. As for market pricing, unless you want wear and tears in the few months of your renovated home, we do suggest investing in more quality materials that are not promoted in mass marketing.


Choosing Cost Over Quality

There is a saying ‘Money does not grow on trees’ (not literally anyway) and we get the budget constraints for most first-timers.

Though when it comes to building your dream home, we recommend listing down the most important or frequently used areas of your future home, then set a bigger budget to invest in better-quality materials for the said area(s).

We are not saying to spend all your coin to replicate the White House, but do take into consideration some of the things that are worth investing in for your long-term residence. Longer lasting homes leave a happier environment.


Planning at the Very Last Minute

Ah.. we all know the waiting game of key collection. Often at times, BTO renovation first-timers would wait for their key collection before starting their renovation journey.

Essentially, you would like to move in soonest possible when you get your keys. Very much like financial planning, renovation takes time. Planning earlier means avoiding risks and making better decisions.

Here are the steps to consider during your planning stage:

  1. Envision your preferred design concept in your new home.
  2. Understand your floorplan and strategise on space planning.
  3. Research and rule out what is or is not a renovation necessity.
  4. Source for the best materials and suppliers for the job.
  5. Do up a realistic budget based on all your renovation needs.
  6. Schedule and lock in the dates for construction and renovation works.

If you are new to this and seek professional support on interior planning, the interior designers at Posh Home welcome you with a free consultation to help you kick start your journey.


Receiving Biased 3rd Party Advice

As a kid, you have probably played that one teambuilding exercise we all know as ‘Pass the message / The Telephone’. Objectively, this exercise helps to demonstrate how small misconceptions can end up making a huge difference in the outcome.

As first-timers in renovation or in a case of getting a set of keys to a new home, homeowners are swarmed by various he-said-she-said(s) from all around, resulting in dissatisfactory aftermaths in their renovation journey.

It is a common mistake to take words solely from our loved ones such as family and friends who do not own a BTO unit or are not experienced in that division. BTOs are pretty new on the market and trends are constantly changing, making it hard to compare or relate to former styles.

Now, we are not saying to shut out valuable information and opinions. We are saying to keep an open mind but do your homework and make your own decisions when it comes to renovating YOUR home.


Bonus Tips on Saving Unnecessary Costs:

  • Do not rush into any decisions when dealing with suppliers. Over time, you may find better offers and services elsewhere.
  • If you plan to do a full-scale renovation of your unit, opt for a bare unit over the premium package (OCS) as it takes extra time, effort, and money for the tear-down process.
  • Invest in better quality materials. If you go for cheap, it always comes with a price. You could end up spending more.